Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

Fighters of Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) Found Proof that Ukrainian Forces Tortured their POWs

Out of 13 bodies of the republican fighters, some of them were taken POW and murdered whilst in custody. Three bodies displayed multiple stab wounds and their hands were tied with ropes.
DPR deputy Valery Hlopenik:
 -- We exchanged 8 bodies of Ukrainian paratroopers onto 13 bodies of our comrades. Three displayed clear signs of torture.
According to V. Hlopenik, the exchange was initiated by Kievs side, Ukrainian law enforcers wanted to take the body of their officer killed in fighting.
 Earlier the Minister of Defence of the Donetsk Peoples Republic Igor Strelkov reported that Ukrainian paratroopers committed atrocities in relation to captured republican fighters. After the exchange of 2 POW paratroopers for 2 POW republican fighters Strelkov said:

-- We released POWs: paratroopers who left on their own two feet after receiving medical treatment. But they (representatives of the 25th airmobile brigade) threw our comrades on the ground like sacks. All bones in their bodies were broken, internal organs were damaged; the chances of them surviving such injuries are practically zero. Those who did this to our comrades were not fascists from the National Guard, they were Dnepropetrovsk paratroopers! The beasts! We will take what they have done into account. I have ordered not to take officers of the 25-th airmobile brigade POW. Never!