Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

In Kiew wollte Evromaydana Aktivisten verbrennen.

Video hier
It turns out that in the Kiev mayor's office worked junta Odessa experience even invent other explanations were not. Immediately after the inauguration of Dalmatian oligarch (or right during it) Maidan unfortunate gardeners, were herded into a stone barn set on fire from the inside, but when they become vylazit views from horror, released into the wild, tied, sewn criminal cases absurd reasons and sent to rot prisons.

Unlike the citizens of Odessa, they did not cut in pieces, not raped and tortured in the building. But fiercely hinted that this is possible, and the anthem of Ukraine will not save anyone, and blue-yellow flag, too, can shove their far away. Notice how the sweet sounds on the video now "heroes of glory!"

After such rolls over, Martian downright cynicism, we can say that the Maidan was over. And parsley grow only a matter of hours.