Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

The Russian Defense Ministry выпустила video from the radar at the moment of the fall of Boeing 777

Judging from things Russia has the radar information pretty well down on those Ukie BUKs and the firing up of those BUK radar tracking vehicles correlates pretty well with the shoot down plus they were moved the very next day and beyond that they have barely been in use. That shows a pattern that is suspect. Why were they getting twice the use before the crash but cut down to almost no use after? And why did Kiev say they didn't have them in the war zone and why would they even need them when the rebels have no planes? Finally why did Kiev lie and say they had no planes in the sky when the Russians prove they did? That 14 mile deviation with an altitude drop also begs for more understanding. It happened right before the crash. Were they trying to dodge a missile or was a plane trying to signal them? We need to see the Kiev control tower data and recordings. Kiev needs to come clean and the US should release any satellite imagery they have to clear this up. To do otherwise would be to impede an investigation.