Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Slavyansk, Donbass. Ukrainische Regierung will nicht, dass die Menschen die Wahrheit über ihre kriminellen Handlungen WISSEN.

Ukrainische Regierung will nicht, dass die Menschen die Wahrheit über ihre kriminellen Handlungen WISSEN. 

Donetsk Region, t. Slavyansk, 28-Mai, 11.45 Uhr, Artyoma Str. Mörtel Beschuss des Schlafbereich. 

Complete translation of the video:
"- Let's turn the car out for it not to burst out... 
... Here is the one (bomb) on the street, see? Don't touch it. 
- Who started to shoot first our guys or their? If somebody hurt?
- Well, 2 girls were selling some flowers over here...
Voices on the background... upset lady who lost her flower business and some guys trying to clean the street coursing the government....
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A few bombs burst out next to the living apartment building....
Lady's voice:" Let them bring this fucking idiot from Kiev (she means the new president of Ukraine) for him to die here with us. Kill me better not the kids! What are you doing with us fasсists! He sits there in the Government full & safe! We're peaceful people we have kids here 1,5 y.o. They're beasts not people just beasts! Why don't they go away out of here! Why do we have to deal with it?! "

Old lady says: "My granddaughter was here with me & her little sister. I can't find them & their telephone is silent. I hope they are alive. I WANT to appeal to UN and OSCE for how long it'll continue?"

Other lady comments: "They are in silence now. During Maidan they interfered all the time, but not now. They just close their eyes on the things going on here, on the fights of the Government against their own people! What are they doing?! They're shooting peaceful people living here... they're bombing the whole living districts where we do live with our children, they destroy the schools & kindergartens! Who they are fighting with!? What a fuck do they want else?! What kind of government do they want if they received everything they wanted already! Hunta took the power by the military coup! How long it's gonna be! Leave us alone! We're not your country any more! You're fascists, nacists & murderers! For how long you gonna suck our blood!? Go away! You're just not human beings, you don't have anything human if you dare to bomb schools & local people days & nights just because they don't want to live by your rules, by your nacists' rules! We don't want to see & hear you! Go away from our land! You're enemies! Go fucking away facists! God damn you!"

People are talking on the porch: "Are there kids in the cellar?"
"No. They've been taken all already."
The lady shows her flat with broken windows and the shells from the bombs & bullets all over and some of them stuck in the roof of the balcony.
Reporter: 'Were you inside at this moment?'
The flat owner: "Frankly speaking, I was in the cellar helped to evacuate the kids."
The lady at school: "We were in a process of preparing the celebrating of the school finishing with the kids. We decorated everything, cleaned & just closed the door. At around 11:50AM we had the powerful explosion & all we could see that everything was dusty & of course after that everybody ran to the cellar, because we already know what does this mean. All personal and kids were inside of the cellar. At this time the lessons were finished already, but the smaller kids had a prolonged day at school, so we had the primary school kids here only. Then their parents were running to pick them up. You know, the feeling of absolute fear and horror that was what we felt. The horror because our own Army - the Army we're paying the taxes for is killing us & completely destroying us! Our President who supposed to protect & keep us safe decimates us! For some reason they consider everybody who lives in Slavyansk is a terrorist. The 6 years old kids all were crying of course, even the teachers did. Some parents managed to come almost immediately to pick up their kids even if it was not safe at all. Some of the parents stayed with us in the cellar."

Old grandmother with grandkids: "Our children want & need to study. They want & have to live. They destroyed the schools & kindergartens. The Ukrainian Army is the one who does it."
The group of ladies on the street: "They destroyed the children's hospital, the hairdresser's office, a lot of cars were burnt, even the 911 car which was the only one in the district is also destroyed... Mr. Poroshenko, I wish your kids to have the same what our kids are having right now! Split your money in between yourselves you & other government people! And all those people who are fighting against us I wish you & your families get the same what we've received from you!"

Elderly lady speaks Ukrainian: "I want his daughter to feel the same what I'd felt. I wish his son to get the punishment from the sky for his father's sins. I wish him (Poroshenko) to croak. Dear people, you don't even imagine what evil did he (Poroshenko) do here. God Damn you twice all those Poroshenkos, Timoshenkos & & Rabbits (This is the contemptuous name of Yatsenuk the people of Donbas gave him)! What are they doing with us! Dear people, we don't ask anybody to come here "to protect us" from ourselves! I have 4 grandkids and I run like crazy chicken without knowing who to safe first! These people are shameless! Dear people I beg you please tell everyone we need help, we say SOS. We don't know where to run and what to do! They completely destroyed the children's hospital. I personally saw how they (Ukrainian Army) shoot out the Ambulance car. Until when it's gonna be! Please save us! Save us anybody! We're ready to kill ourselves & not to suffer any more! And for Poroshenko this asshole I wish the worst death ever. Die in the same way we're dyeing here. This damn fucking Chocolate Hare. (This is the contemptuous name of Poroshenko the people of Donbas gave him because of his business). I don't know what else to say, because we saw such terrible things I wish anyone had ever seen. Guys take care of yourselves, don't risk too much (probably she appeals to the journalists)."
The men digging out the stuck bomb next to the apartment building: «Have a close look what we are doing. So, it's as clear as a day what this is. Do you have any doubts where was it flying from?! How do you think what was the trajectory of this one? From Karachun!" 

People discussing their plans for the day - to go to the cellar & wait for the next bombing. Some lady at the market was trying to sell some cherries from her garden, but had to evacuate after a while, so her business wasn't successful.

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