Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Was ist wirklich los?

Yesterday in the mail came a letter from Germany, which sets forth the contents of the conversation high ranking officers of the National Security Agency with representatives of the German media about the events in Ukraine. The contents of the conversation so openly and firmly tells US policy in Europe and the world, that I felt compelled to publish this correspondence.
“We offer you to get acquainted with excerpts from the interview with the Executive Director of the Institute of global perspectives” at Columbia University, Professor, doctor of philosophy Floors Christie’s, held in the editorial office of the weekly “European Economic Bulletin” (Bremen, lower Saxony, Germany).

Editorial Board: Dr. Christie, Ukrainian events of recent months cause our readers a lot of questions. People try to understand what is happening, but can’t explain the logic of events. Why the new Ukrainian authorities to do so, and not otherwise in relation to the population of their country? Why the European Union was aiming to separate Ukraine from Russia? Why the United States have irreconcilable to Russia policy? On these and other issues are often unable to answer not only ordinary people but also specialists. Could you, dear Professor, several clarify the situation?
Professor: to find the answer to any political question, it is necessary to always use the technique, known since the times of Ancient Rome: “Who benefits?” Who of the world’s best players, the situation now in Ukraine? They are looking, for example, Europe, USA, Russia and, probably, some other players? Which of them are most of all interested in such development of events?
To answer this question, we need to pinpoint the main global challenges of our time, the solution of which has not tolerate delay. Who of the players, directly interested in the resolution of this problem will play a major role in the events.
Ed.: And what is the main global challenges of our time, requiring immediate solutions, in your opinion?
Prof.: This, of course, the resolution of financial problems, caused by rapid development of the US economy in the last three decades. Public debt in USD 17 trillion sword of Damocles hanging over the U.S. economy and could lead to a global crisis.
Ed.: Could you please clarify a few more than face the world collapse of the American currency?
Prof.: If America would have to devalue the dollar, getting rid of debts (in case of different ways of exit Torgovy pit not found), the whole world will be plunged into a deep economic crisis, as the dollar as a world currency, which tied all the world production. Immediately terminates all international economic relations. The decline in production in all countries will be the inevitable result of the destruction of the international cooperation. Because of a stop of manufactures will be a huge army of unemployed. Then the inevitable fall of the standard of living in all countries of the world. The fall in consumption will be crucial political changes in different States, when the lack of money and hunger will require a redistribution of property and political change. In a world full of weapons, hatred, misunderstanding and pending disputes, could start world war for repartition of spheres of influence. And this script will not be able to avoid any one country, including America.
Now I just unbearable to think about the worst that can happen, if the hungry revolts in the hands of any group desperate people will go nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. This version of resolution of financial problems completely unacceptable.
Ed.: It is clear. But then an urgent need to find a way out of this difficult situation is that there are simply no alternatives?
Prof.: Exactly right – that is you and answered the question of what is the spring of all actions America in recent years. Realizing the prospects of the destruction of human civilization on earth, we began a search of peaceful ways out of the created situation.
Ed.: Very interesting! And as to this question is answered by the best minds in America?
Prof.: It was offered an interesting solution, the essence of which I will now try to explain.
In order to resolve financial difficulties, the US must take extraordinary measures that are comparable with the world cataclysm. The problem is, to get such a cataclysm without devastating consequences for the United States and its allies. That is, you must play this card in order to resolve the problem of debts and not to organize the world massacre, in which you can easily burn yourself.
The ability to repay its debts without a significant fall in the living standards of its population is only possible at the expense of others, cynical as it sounds. You need to find someone, with whom America could solve their financial problems. And such a natural solution was found – the history gives this chance.
Ed.: And who will pay for the solution of financial problems?
Prof.: Of course, no country in the world would not have been able to do it without being turned into desert. Therefore, you should organize events to the whole world, every country in one degree or another, involved in the resolution of financial difficulties of America. This global cooperation will not only keep the peace on the planet, but also will set a powerful impulse to the subsequent progress.
Ed.: How is this possible?
Prof.: In order to do away with debts, the United States needs new markets, similar in scope to the American. Only in such a market, it can only be the European market. Hence the need to find a way with which help it is possible to open the European market to the USA. The development of this project we have been doing for many years.
God gave the United States advanced technology, the most powerful industry, huge financial resources and huge natural resources, thus the need to use to address the challenges of growth of the American economy. The same thing God gave and Europe, and therefore for the resolution of the General financial and economic problems, you simply combine the two major economies of the earth in a single economy. And it needs to reorient the economy of Europe closer cooperation with the United States.
Ed.: But Europe’s economy is so closely tied to the U.S. economy.
Prof.: Absolutely. However, much more needs to be done. Essentially, it is a fact that the two economies are literally fused into one, mutually complementing each other.
Ed.: And as then to be with European dependence on energy supplies from various countries, primarily from Russia.
Prof.: Therefore, it is necessary to create such a situation in Europe is that the Europeans themselves have refused energy cooperation with Russia and other energy suppliers, and would link its economic interest with energy supplies from the USA.
Ed.: But this step is extremely disadvantageous for Europe’s economy.
Prof.: ‘s right. But how else is possible in a peaceful way to resolve the financial and economic problems of the first two economies in the world? The peaceful resolution of the problems will require from all countries part, and Europe itself is down, tied its economy to the energy supplies of the problem regions.
The United States helped Europe, we contributed to the revival of Europe after the Second world war, and now Europe should, in gratitude to the United States for decades of its prosperity, to participate in the recovery of the American economy. Who is to blame that the circumstances were such that the necessary assistance is already the United States from Europe? We hope for understanding the Europeans of the situation, but in any case, there’s no escape and we all are hostages of the moment.
Ed.: Well, well. And what do you think the middle East, Russia?
Prof.: U.S. policy, if you remember, in the last decade was directed to awaken the middle East and to involve the people of the region to democracy. The middle East is currently experiencing rapid social and political changes, and these changes will only grow, making this region of the world in a very troubled place that is very likely to impact on the security of energy supplies from the region.
The destiny of Russia is in their hands. Everyone will survive, how can, and Russia, of course, should greatly suffer from the disruption of relations with Europe, but the extent of this suffering will largely depend on Russia itself. Russia is now in a very enviable position – it has to resolve a very dangerous and not, in principle resolvable issues. And what would the Russians nor made any decision is not in Russia’s favor, because any steps the Russian leadership is not able to change the situation.
Ed.: That is, the West is not going to give Ukraine Russia?
Prof.: Where is Ukraine? Will the United Ukraine on the world map, or will break up-it has absolutely no meaning for solving the problem. The main task of the events in Ukraine – to dissolve the Europe with Russia so that the Europeans fully refused from cooperation with Russia and refocused its economy on full cooperation with the US. The main goal is harder to tie Europe to the U.S. economy and what will happen in Ukraine – nobody cares. Ukraine is the only means by which it is possible to solve any problems that do not involve the world in another world war. Ukraine plays the role of a blockage, which will interrupt the European cooperation with Russia. And what will be the structure, the way the Board is absolutely not interesting questions. Only the people of Ukraine will be able to determine how tragic is his fate in the establishment of a new order in Europe.
Ed.: But why Ukraine was selected for the decision of tasks on overcoming the global economic situation of default of the American currency?
Prof.: It’s very simple. It is through Ukraine are of European energy supplies from Russia. If you create in Ukraine controlled chaos and cut off energy supplies from Russia, Europe hollering from perturbations. You will only need to accuse Russia of intransigence and aggressiveness, and Europe will be forced to break with Russia economic relations and refocusing on energy supplies from the USA. And then we with our shale gas again find ourselves in the role of the benefactors of Europe, as a kind of energy sticks-vyruchalochka.
Europe, rejecting Russian supplies, would save its face, the patroness of the European values of human rights and at the same time would help the United States to solve the problem of financial debt.
Yes, refusal of energy supplies from Russia will create a lot of economic and social problems in Europe, but who said that Europe should not pay for the years of prosperity, and is protected by the U.S. nuclear umbrella? Let the Europeans will also take part in maintaining the well-being of the free world. It should, ultimately, to 500 billion dollars, which make up the trade turnover between Europe and Russia would be a turnover of Europe with America. Then we will have a real chance to repay financial liabilities and to keep the dollar as the world currency.
Ed.: As we now understand from your words, the United States does not intend to stabilize the situation in Ukraine?
Prof.: Here can be applied to a wide range of actions. But whatever happens in politics in Ukraine, the main thing should remain unchanged – the termination of a broad cooperation of Russia and Europe. Let no event Ukraine-as-usual anything, but in any case they should lead to the gap between Russians and Europeans.
Ed.: Could you show some examples of events in Ukraine, how is your vision? The fact that some observers, trying to guess the logic of events, often are at a loss, not knowing the causes of actions of new Kievan rulers. Fail to understand the logic behind the behavior of Americans in connection with certain steps in the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.
Prof.: Of course. Only it is necessary to clearly understand one simple idea: the United States is pursuing only their own goal for the conservation of the world monetary system based on the dollar for the sake of this goal and made all the steps. For the practical implementation of this goal and Ukrainian started the campaign for the rupture of economic relations between Europe and Russia. All events taking place in Ukraine, should be considered from this perspective.
For example, the agreement of 21 February, when the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition and the representatives of France, Germany and Poland signed with Yanukovych agreement on early elections of the President of Ukraine, were doomed to not following. If this arrangement was implemented, the discord in Ukraine could be on the decline, and then no rupture of economic relations of Ukraine with Russia could not be and speeches. Therefore, it was necessary to grossly violate the agreement, which was done. And Russia and Europe had become hostages full of unpredictable and inconsistent actions of the new Ukrainian authorities. The more confusion then arise between Russia and Europe, the sooner will create conditions for the realization of our plans on creation in Ukraine of economic barrier.
America needs such order in the Ukraine, which would run afoul of economic cooperation of Russia and Europe together. And American politics is that the events developed in this way. Now the events in Ukraine only unfold, and peace should not wait – restless Ukraine should become an insurmountable barrier between Russia and Europe.
Understand one thing. To break economic ties between Europe and Russia, have so much to intimidate the Europeans of the Russian threat, so that they wished to do – it is necessary to radically change the European public opinion on cooperation with Russia. It is most essential to emphasize aggressive and unpredictable Russia, provoking her to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. The media should always speak about growth of tension in Ukraine, about the violence and the atrocities perpetrated by the Russians to Europe is ripe to break.
Let the Europeans fear from a possible Russian invasion, the image of arrogant Russian, ready for any adventure, starting from provocative fly an American destroyer, to nominate an Armada of Russian tanks to the borders of the Baltic States and Ukraine, should be the focus now all activity of our media. For it is the work of the media now depends on the mindset of the European population and, ultimately, the success of Ukrainian campaign for the US.
Ed.: Please explain that America will benefit from such developments?
Prof.: With pleasure. In the case of gradual reduction of economic relations between Europe and Russia, she will be forced to refocus its economy on the US, because only with the us economy now you can compare the European economy on the amount and quality of goods. It will give a powerful impetus to the development of the American economy, that will allow to begin the elimination of U.S. debt.
But the most important should be energy cooperation between Europe and the USA. The refusal of Europe from Russian and middle Eastern energy resources will lead to huge investments in U.S. shale gas production, will lead to the creation of a powerful infrastructure for its processing and delivery to Europe. Europe is interested in a speedy creation of such infrastructure, and will not scrimp on spending that will allow US to quickly liquidate their financial problems.
Ed.: What if Europe is not to agree with this scenario and will not want to break off relations with Russia?
Prof.: This is simply impossible to imagine Europe is too dependent on the U.S. politically, militarily and economically. And besides the participation in the NATO framework, there is a moral duty of Europe to America, who saved her once from totalitarianism and provided Europe comfortable existence.
But if to consider, hypothetically, this would be from Europe extremely irrational – will only get worse. It would have doomed America to inevitable collapse of the dollar and then world history will go on a worst case scenario, what we have said above. Yes, the gap between Europe and Russia is a difficult step, but keeping the status quo will result in more serious consequences for Europe and for the world.
Ed.: Thank you, Professor. Could you at the end of our conversation to say a few words about the fate of the world in the near future, how you present it.
Prof.: Of course. Reorientation of Europe on close economic cooperation with the United States should lead, ultimately, to the emergence of a new unity, called, for example, an Organization of the North Atlantic cooperation. Moreover, the military Foundation of this Association, in the face of NATO, has long existed. Such a Union would be a logical continuation of integration processes in the modern world, and would allow to unite all democratic Nations on both sides of the Atlantic in the unified democratic civilization. To this Union in the future could join and other democratic countries: Japan, Australia and so on.
What’s to hide that such a Union would become the most powerful in the history of mankind, forever and it would remove the danger of a revival of totalitarianism in the world. Such a Union would create such advanced productive forces, which would shoulder a quick exploration of space and the transformation of the earth civilization in space.
Russia, of course, will not be completely excluded from the world community, but only in case if it will not oppose U.S. efforts to address the financial problems. Russia will have to stay alone with their natural resources, if she persists in its desire for the restoration of Russian hegemony. Then towards Russia will apply the policy of isolation and promotion of democratic processes in Russia.
China can to some extent help Russia, but does not want too to strengthen this cooperation because of the threat of losing a United Euro-American market. Thus, Russia has to choose between his progressive development and participation in a common effort to overcome the crisis in the modern world, or become marginal, doomed to eternal retardation as miserly knight guarding the already useless natural resources.
Ed.: And the last. Tell me, Professor, what has caused your intention to disclose the secret springs of modern Ukrainian crisis? What or who is leading you?
Prof.: I am not a supporter of force to settle conflicts, so I would like to make efforts towards the peaceful resolution of problems. To do this, I think world leaders should clearly about what is happening in the modern world. Only complete openness policy can lead to predictable results. I want the international community understood the difficulties of the moment and would take active part in their resolution.
In addition and in the United States and in Europe there are people who hold such views, and they want through our dialogue to convey to the public their views on the peaceful resolution of problems and cooperation.
On the other hand, there are many hawks in the West and in the East, who would it force resolution of urgent problems. Therefore, the main purpose of our meeting is to show that there is a peaceful way of overcoming all the difficulties that people are aware that their efforts will depend peace on the planet”.
I cannot go into detail, as it hit a record this conversation in my hands. I also cannot confidently predict as stated in the conversation facts. However, I have complete trust in the people, through which I was given this record.
And by the way, if we follow the latest statements by representatives of the us authorities, we will see that they broadcast in full accordance with the above in correspondence from Germany material.
According to The New York Times (19 April 2014), the White house plans to isolate Russia, cutting off its economic and political ties with the outside world.
“Imagine what would be the situation today if you could tell Russia that it can keep its gas itself”, – said Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at a meeting with the self-proclaimed Ukrainian rulers. But in an interview with the Ukrainian legislators Biden said that the priority direction of the USA is to help them to gain independence from Russian energy supplies.
Now the only thing left to draw conclusions and to sum up the results.
1. America in Ukraine is pursuing exclusively their own selfish interests to create such a situation in Europe, which would enable her to overcome the current financial crisis and to remain a world economic leader, while maintaining the dollar as the world currency.
2. American actions are not directed against Russia, and on the creation of such a crazy) music regime in the Ukraine, where a stable energy supply from Russia to Europe would be impossible.
3. The purpose of the American actions in Ukraine is to block economic cooperation between Europe and Russia, forcing Europeans move fully to the American market.
If the events in Ukraine will be developed by the American scenario, soon Russia will face a very serious economic problems. Bound to be a reduction in economic cooperation with Europe and with all countries, where the influence of America. Reduced cooperation will lead to the reduction of Russian production, the activity resulting from this fact by the consequences.
To counteract negative phenomena, Russia will have to be more actively engaged in the process of accelerated development of the internal market and to enhance cooperation with independent of American influence countries.
But most importantly, Russia urgently needs to develop its own ideology of development, which would explain to the Russians, why they need to experience economic hardships confronting US policy, not to disarm. Such ideology, unfortunately, Russia is still there. But only she can give people confidence in their own right and will allow them not only to survive in the emerging struggle, to overcome the difficulties, but also to build a strong and prosperous state. Without such ideology of Russia not just to survive.
As soon as will begin in the country’s economic difficulties, the Russian liberals of all stripes around the blame, of course, “Putin’s regime”, and will be hard to “rock the boat”, performing the American order. Begins a ruthless battle for the minds of Russians, in which the strongest win. If this is liberalism – Russia will be doomed to failure and destruction, despite all their weapons and resources. Therefore, the prompt development of the Russian development ideology is not a question of tactics, and the question of destiny.